Guidepost Solutions LLC is a global investigation and security consulting firm serving companies, government agencies, individuals, and their counsel, to solve problems, advance business opportunities, mitigate risks, and resolve disputes. Guidepost Solutions is a recognized leader in business intelligence, monitoring and compliance services, and risk management solutions, including the design and implementation of physical security and life safety systems.
Headquartered in New York, with offices in Washington, DC; Chicago; Dallas; Oakland; San Francisco; Los Angeles; Palm Beach; Honolulu; Sacramento; Singapore, and London, Guidepost Solutions has resources and assets throughout the world, including a management team and professional staff composed of industry experts with extensive experience in our practice areas.
HMS (NASDAQ:HMSY) is a wholly owned subsidiary of HMS Holdings Corp. HMS is the nation’s leader in cost containment solutions for government-funded, commercial, and private entities. The company is focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. HMS helps its clients ensure that healthcare claims are paid correctly and by the responsible party, and that those enrolled to receive program benefits meet qualifying criteria. By deploying proven approaches, HMS recovers in excess of $1 billion for its clients every year, and saves them billions of dollars more in erroneous payments.

Mr. Schwartz is on the Board of Directors of HMS and serves as the Chairman of the Compliance Committee.